With the sound of waves,
Rolling over the sand,
To the depth of our minds.

The demon still just stood there, neither speaking nor moving.
What does he want? 
Why is he here?

For those dealing with Bi-polarism, this book reflects the self doubts experienced on a daily basis and the courage it takes to endure.

- Review from Corey

God is punishing me
for not being perfect,

that I made so many mistakes, and I should know better…

Gentle, always the same
Forever your name
Is good like the
sound of the rain…

Welcome to where the real and the imaginary worlds intertwine in novellas.

To afford a place where imperfection in a character is not a shock, but is expected; to learn some of the troubled sides of an illness that conjure up marks of real fear; and to allow the untethered trust in growth to succeed; is the hope for diving into a world of novellas with a twist—inspired by actual events.

Having received professional treatment from physicians and others in the mental health field unquestionably shows their untiring dedication to help the whole person, to include the mind; in this they are inspiring success in everyday living. To those professionals and the many friendly people that I have met over the past 30 years—Thank you from the author of Into the Temporal Mind, release date: August 2017.

Into the Temporal Mind

Novellas inspired by actual events
living with Bipolar

Into the Temporal Mind is inspired by actual events; played out with fictional characters and fictional places, that will reel you into a real-world search for contentment in life.

About the Author

Aileen S Allsun is a 57-year-old, working full time in the engineering profession. She lives with her husband, of 12 years, in central Virginia. She volunteers for a mental health agency to help others see that positive results can happen with professional treatment, hope in everyday living and growth of faith in God. As she learned this from having the illness of Bipolar.